Red River Co-op Board of Directors
May 27, 2019

Ward Weisensel, President

  • Serves as Red River’s President
  • Served as Red River's Vice-President
  • Served as Chair of the Audit Committee
  • Served on Red River's Nominating Committee
  • Served on Red River's Governance and Compensation Committee
  • Has extensive experience in marketing, strategic planning, transportation and communications through his roles as Chief Operating Officer of the Canadian Wheat Board and Senior Vice President of Trading and Risk Management at G3 Canada
  • Served as a Director on the Board of the Canadian International Grains Institute and Western Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Graduate of the University of Saskatchewan
  • Appointed to the Board May, 2009

Glenn Williams, Vice-President

  • Serves as Red River’s Vice-President
  • Serves as a member of the Nominations Committee and Governance & Compensation Committee
  • Served as a member of the Audit Committee
  • Served on the Council for the Insurance Institute of Manitoba for six (6) years; the last two (2) as Secretary-treasurer
  • Served on the Bow Wow Ball Gala Committee of The Winnipeg Humane Society for six (6) years
  • Served on the Board of the Better Business Bureau for two (2) years
  • Experience as President & CEO, COO, CFO and VP of several disciplines in a multitude of industries
  • Achieved and maintains, in good standing, the following designations: CPA, CA, CIP (Hons.), CRM (Hons.), RF, ICD.D, CAFM
  • 34 years of business experience, inclusive of almost six (6) years as a CFO of a Co-operative
  • Graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) on the Dean’s Honour Roll
  • Became a member of the Board in in 2018

Kristen Wittman, Secretary

  • Serves as Red River’s Secretary
  • Serves as a member of the Governance & Compensation Committee
  • Served as a member of and Chaired the Nominating Committee and Governance & Compensation Committee
  • Served as a Community Member of the Community Relations Committee prior to being elected to the Board
  • Partner at Taylor McCaffrey LLP, a full-service local law firm
  • Represents many cooperatives in Manitoba, including worker co-ops, retail co-ops, and housing co-ops
  • Assisted the Cooperatives Registrar in identifying changes to The Cooperatives Act to create multi-stakeholder cooperatives and developing a new Cooperative Model By-law
  • Advises Co-ops with learning how to access capital, drafting articles and by-laws and governance matters
  • Volunteered for Bookmates Inc., a charity promoting literacy for families, from 1998 to 2015
  • President of the Winnipeg International Writers Festival, and volunteer board member since 2015
  • A proponent of the 'one member, one vote' model of cooperatives
  • Director of the Board since 2017

Marlene Boersch

  • Member of Red River's Audit Committee
  • Served as Red River’s Vice-President
  • Served as Red River's Secretary and on Red River's Community Relations, Governance & Compensation, Nominations and Audit Committees
  • Owner & Managing Partner for Mercantile Consulting Venture Inc.
  • Extensive experience in the agriculture industry through past employment with Berdex Canada Ltd, XCAN Grain Ltd, Roy Legumex Inc., Cargill Ltd, and the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Holds a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from the U of S
  • Previous board experience with: Pulse Canada, as Chair, Board of Directors; and Canadian Special Crops Association, V.P
  • Became a member of the Board in 2008

Jim Huggard

  • Member of and Chairs the Nominations Committee.
  • Member of the Audit Committee.
  • Served as a member of the Nominations Committee and the Community Relations Committee.
  • Long-time Red River Co-op member.
  • Queen’s University graduate.
  • Career with the Co-op system in Western Canada.
  • Worked at urban and rural Co-ops followed by 17 years with Federated Co-operatives with a focus on operational concerns.
  • Completed career with Arctic Co-operatives as a Division Manager of Merchandising and Logistics.
  • In retirement, focused on Co-op development in Canada’s North including the creation of a new member owned co-operative in Old Crow, Yukon.
  • Served as director of the Co-operative Superannuation Society, the pension plan for employees of Co-operatives and Credit Unions.
  • Became a Member of the Board in 2016

Anna Maria Magnifico

  • Chair of Governance and Compensation Committee
  • Member of the Audit Committee
  • Past Red River Co-op Board Secretary
  • Past Chair of the Nominations Committee
  • Past Member of the Community Relations Committee
  • Experienced public servant, executive, board director, entrepreneur, jurist and diplomat
  • Former Member of the Manitoba Securities Commission
  • Former Manitoba Trade and Investment Representative in Europe based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Past Chair of Quality/Patient Safety Committee, Cancer Care Manitoba Board
  • Board Director, Safety Services Manitoba, Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety and Institute of Corporate Directors
  • Graduate of the Universities of Manitoba, McGill and Amsterdam
  • Elected to the Board in April 2016; Co-op Member since 2001

Donna Zwarich

  • Member of and Chairs the Audit Committee
  • Member of the Nominations Committee
  • Served as a member of the Governance & Compensation Committee and Nominations Committee
  • Long term member of Red River Co-op since 1968
  • Extensive background in accounting – both in the private sector as well as with a public practice firm
  • Many years of experience in the petroleum industry – initially as Petroleum Accounting Supervisor for Red River’s gas bars & bulk stations and later assisting my late husband in the management & operation of several Co-op & Tempo gas bars & car washes
  • Prior Board experience with Mission Gardens Nursery School
  • Became a member of the Board in 2016