Environmental Sustainability
April 19, 2022

Food Waste Reduction

We knew we had good food going to landfill and we are happy to have found local partners to help build a solution where we simultaneously divert food away from landfill and build more sustainable communities.

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Car Wash

The car wash chemicals used at Red River Co-op car washes are biodegradable and free from phosphates and hydrochloric acid.

EV Charging Stations

Co-ops across Western Canada are working together and leading the charge in connecting the West, installing chargers in towns and cities on the Prairies along the Trans-Canada Highway. These chargers will be located at existing Co-op locations, including food stores and gas bars, and will form the Co-op Connect EV Charging Network.

Even though gas bars are a large part of our business, we see this as opportunity to both reduce our environmental impact and to seize the moment by investing in the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Visit our gas bar page to find the locations of our Co-op Connect EV Charging Network.