Board of Director Candidates
February 24, 2023

Members, it's time to vote!

As a cooperative, we are governed by a board of directors, nominated by our member-owners. This year, there are two open positions to fill. You will find your unique ballot with your mailed equity statement. Please submit your vote by Tuesday, April 11, 2023, online ( or by mail. One vote per member.

Meet our board nominees

Nominees are listed in alphabetical order. Please note, in fairness to our members and candidates, submissions have not been edited and are shown exactly as submitted. 

* Incumbent Director      † Candidate endorsed by third party - People First

Sarah Carson† / 204-807-1114

Vote for me because I am a long-time believer in the power of co-operatives in strengthening our local economy, creating resilience, and responding to complex issues with community-based solutions.

My name is Sarah Carson – I am a community-minded parent and communications professional living in Winnipeg. I have spent the last decade in government, post-secondary and not-for-profit settings helping organizations connect with their audiences and communicate with impact through innovative and award-winning strategies. Today, I work for the federal government as communications manager for the Prairie and Northern Region of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. I am responsible for providing support to ministerial clients, providing strategic communications advice, and collaborating with stakeholders in other levels of government and the private sector to support the department’s mandate of building a cleaner, greener economy. After work, you can find me cycling, spending time outdoors and keeping up with my five-year-old son in Winnipeg.

Gary Timlick†* / 204-471-8331

Vote for me because I have spent the last 3 years on the Board of Red River Co-op understanding the operations of our co-operative which has help me contribute to Red River Co-op's successes over the many challenges of the last 3 years. I believe I can continue to make a positive impact on future operation of the company. Working with my fellow board members, great things are possible for Red River Co-op.

In 2019, I retired from Wawanesa Mutual Insurance after 13 years as Senior VP & CFO. I have over 40 years of financial and management experience in agriculture, manufacturing, retail, public accounting and financial services industries gained through working with numerous Manitoba companies. For the last 3 years I have served on the Board of RRC. I have Chaired the Audit Committee for the last two years and I am also currently a member of Governance & Compensation Committee. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Honours) from the University of Manitoba, achieved my CPA, designation in 1985 and hold the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors of Canada. Over the last 35 years I have served on numerous not-for-profit/profit boards.

Kristen Wittman†* / 204-988-0333

Vote for me because I am skilled in understanding, assessing and managing risk, and problem solving. I am an excellent communicator. I am a proponent of the 'one member, one vote' model of cooperatives, and the democratic underlay that supports a sustainable business. I am keen to carry on in my role as a director in assisting management to steer through the rising legal and environmental challenges our business is facing.

I am a commercial lawyer. In that role, I assisted in modernizing The Cooperatives Act (Manitoba) and developing new Cooperative Model By-laws. I created new model by-laws for Credit Unions in Manitoba in 2022. I have advised Co-op members and boards with fundraising efforts, drafting articles and by-laws and governance matters in many industries, and for many types of co-ops, including housing, worker, multi-stakeholder, producer, and retail.
I have been an active volunteer, for six years on the board of Winnipeg International Writers Festival, and for twelve years as a director of Bookmates Inc., a charity promoting family literacy. I currently sit on the board of the Canadian Cooperative Income Fund, a cooperative established by cooperatives to provide financial support to cooperatives.

I have published two books of poetry: Stone Boat, in 2004 and Death Becomes Us in 2021. I enjoy cycling, golf, skiing and wine.