Red River Co-op Social Media Code of Conduct
May 30, 2023

Thank you for following Red River Co-op's social media platforms. We welcome and encourage users to discuss and interact in a manner that respects different opinions. However, users should be aware that, to foster respectful dialogue, the following will not be tolerated:

• posts that incite hate speech, discrimination, violence or offensive behaviour, including threats;
• personal attacks and insults;
• obscene language;
• posts that incite any form of harassment or illegal behaviour;
• posts that pose a breach of privacy for others;
• advertising or propaganda;
• repetitive messages or posts that include off-topic or incomprehensible content;


Red River Co-op will use its discretion in determining whether the content meets any of the above criteria.
Users posting on our social media platforms are responsible for their own behaviour. Red River Co-op reserves the right to delete comments or publications, and to ban or block users.
Red River Co-op reserves the right to update this code of conduct at any time and without notice.