Look for the TOP TIER™ logo when fuelling up!
June 28, 2021

Look for the TOP TIER™ logo when fuelling up!

TOP TIER™ is an industry-leading fuel certification backed by the top auto manufacturers that goes above and beyond current government standards in detergency. Awarded through rigorous testing, TOP TIER™ certified fuel improves the following:

  • Vehicle Performance
  • Emissions Reduction
  • Fuel Economy Optimization,
  • Gasoline Engine Protection
  • Deposit Control

History of Co-op Gasoline

For over 75 years, customers have trusted Co-op to produce the highest performing petroleum products in order to protect their automotive investments. Like your vehicles, our fuels have seen many changes over the years. The one constant in this highly technical and ever-changing environment is our unwavering commitment to provide gasoline that cleans, protects and optimizes your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.

Today’s Modern Gasoline Engines

Many new engines are equipped with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) systems; this technology moves the placement of the fuel injectors from the intake port to the combustion chamber. This adjustment provides vehicle manufacturers with the ability to achieve greater overall performance and fuel economy. It must be noted, however, that this modification places the injectors in the harshest of settings. The increased temperatures and pressures in the combustion chamber create an environment ripe for deposit formation.

Fuel system cleanliness has always been important; a clean fuel system supports your vehicle’s health, reduces emissions and assists in its operation at factory-designated performance and fuel-economy specifications. This becomes increasingly critical for engines that use direct-injection technology. By virtue of design, these systems will not operate at peak performance if excessive combustion by-products compromise them.

Improving Vehicle Performance

Co-op High Performance Gasoline

We enhance all grades of Co-op High Performance gasoline with an aggressive detergency package, certified as TOP TIER™, that protects both modern and legacy motors. Our proprietary formulation will not only aid in deposit removal but also will restore fuel mileage, emission reductions and engine performance, all compromised as a result of deposit formations caused by lower-quality gasoline. Additionally, all Co-op manufactured gasolines receive formulation adjustments 10 times per year to ensure optimal seasonal performance.

Continued Evolution

Regulatory pressures and consumer demands are challenging automakers and fuel refiners to provide options that reduce emissions, improve fuel economy and maintain performance levels. Regardless of these changes, you can be confident that Co-op’s TOP TIER™ gasoline will always be Engineered to Move You.

All grades of Co-op High Performance Gasoline are TOP TIER™ Certified and are available at all Co-op Gas Bar locations in Western Canada.