Community Relations
October 11, 2018

At Red River Co-op, we are guided by always trying to do things right. We aim to do the right thing for our customers, our employees, our communities and the environment.

Co-ops are built by and for the communities they serve. By partnering with Red River communities to help those in need, to reduce our environmental impact, to engage employees and to serve as leaders in the co-operative business model is a big part of what makes Co-op what it is!

Together, we are trying every day to do just a bit better than the day before.

We thank you for your support and for your own commitment to contributing to the betterment of Red River communities. Red River Co-op owes its success to the members of our community who purchase our products. Because our continued success depends on the strength of our community, we are committed to bettering the lives of our members and taking initiative in the communities we serve. This support is the foundation of our Community Relations program.

This program strengthens the role we take in the communities where we do business by focusing our giving into specific community sponsorships/donations that most closely reflect our corporate values and strategies.

Please review the Donation Guidelines below. If you would like to apply for a donation, requests are accepted through online submission only. Please find the online application here

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